22nd International specialised exhibition of devices and equipment for industrial non-destructive testing
26-27 April 2023, St. Petersburg, Russia

Benefits of visiting

Holding a specialized exhibition in St. Petersburg focused on the practical application of modern means of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics will allow specialists of the region to get acquainted with applied developments and the latest technologies that will contribute to the modernization, reduction of accidents and increase the efficiency of enterprises.
The exhibition Defectoscopy / NDT St. Petersburg is a unique opportunity for suppliers to meet with consumers of products for non-destructive testing in the North-Western region of Russia, where the largest industrial enterprises are located, for which the introduction of modern methods of NDT is of exceptional importance - machine-building plants, enterprises of the metallurgical, chemical, food industry, transport enterprises and many others.
Visiting the exhibition will allow you to:
  • Choose devices and equipment for non-destructive testing by various methods in accordance with the tasks of your company
  • In just 3 days to conduct a large number of negotiations with the participants of the exhibition
  • Visit the events of the business program for free and get up-to-date, reliable and diverse information necessary to solve your problems