Barnaul Brewing Plant

656922, Russia, Barnaul, 35 Traktovaya Str.
Phone number
+8 (3852) 315029; +8 (3852) 315026
About company
"Barnaul Brewing Plant" is a modern company with a rich history and tradition. It was established in the Soviet Union, the factory always followed a policy of high quality: drinks are made according to national standards using only natural ingredients. Today "Barnaul Brewing Plant" is the largest producer of beer and beverages in the Altai region, and one of the industry leaders in Siberia. It is enterprise where decades of experience goes hand in hand with modern technology and classic international standards of brewing quality is embodied in the new original recipes drinks. The company launches more than 25 varieties of branded beer in cans, glass and PET bottles and in kegs. Having on its territory 10 wells of 220m to the deep with artesian water, the company produces all beverages based on it and launches the drinking water "Altayskiy Istochnik" lemonade "Napitki Stolitsy Altaya" and "Good Stripes", kvass "Rzhanaya Korochka" and cold tea "iChay".