050014, Kazakhstan, 9, Kazhymukan Street, Shalkar village, Karasay district, Almaty region
Phone number
+8 (727) 2974064; +8 (727) 3082361
About company
BN-ACompanyfounded thewineandspiritsplantin 2002in Shalkar village, not far from the city of Almaty.Sinceitsfirstdays, BN-ACompanyhas made a loud nameandtaken an advanced level. Withintwelveyears,theyhave been successfullymanaging thefull-cycle production– fromgrapes and fruit processingtofinished products output. Atpresent, productionatthewineandspiritsplantis totally automated, allowing for the advanced technologies appliedandhigh-quality products produced. Mainsourceofrawmaterialsforgrape productsfor BN-A Companyis located to the South of Kazakhstan. Apartfromthetraditionalproductionrecipes, BN-Aexpertsapply the latest achievementsandalcohol developments in their work. Todaytheplantissuesthelargenumberofdifferent alcohol andnon-alcohol products, completely satisfactory forthe taste and demands of our customers.